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Our Horses

Romeo is a 15 yo true white pony.  He is friendly, bomb-proof and gentle.  We have not tried riding him, but he goes to all our events and is a champ! He loves children and is gentle and calm with even toddlers.


BREED: Registered  Italian Thoroughbred
Age: 20 years

Height 15 3h

Retired racing brood mare.  Northern Dancer is in her lineage.
BREED: Registered American Saddlebred

Age: 20 years

Height: 16 3h

Phantom is a  9 yo black and white overo paint gelding.  He is friendly, playful, sweet and energetic.  He is a beautiful boy with a great conformation.  He is trained as a hunter/jumper by Coutney Yecker at Hurricane Farms, Inc.  He trail rides well.. 


BREED:  American Mustang

Age: 4 years

Height: 15 h

Shaman is a 4 yo pale palomino gelding.  He was born at Epona's Path and has no issues.  He is intelligent, calm, friendly and easygoing.  As you can see from the photo, he took grand champion in his first hunter/jumper show ! He was trained by Courtney Yecker at Hurricane Farms, Inc.  He trail rides well, even with a bitless bridle.

Paloma (Gallery Tour)

Paloma is a big beautiful healthy girl, retired from professional racing and breeding.  She is good on trails. An athletic rider is recommended due to her long, powerful strides. 

BREED: Overo Paint
Age: 9 years

Height:  15h

BREED: Registered  American Thoroughbred
Age: 20 years

Height 15 3h

Flint River

Flint is a beautiful sorrel gelding retired from a winning racing career.  He is gentle and willing and enjoys trail riding.

Jasmine ( Roman Nile)

Jasmine is an elegant dark bay mare.  She is extremely sweet-tempered, gentle and eager to please.

She is good on trails.

She has no vices , but is attached to Paloma.


Prestidigitation (Presto)

Presto is an extremely athletic, elegant, professionally trained saddle seat show horse, who is also excellent for lessons.  He is a beautiful mover, a true professional and has a sweet personality. He prefers ring work and jumping to trail riding.  His registration papers are on site. 

BREED: RegisteredThroughbred

Age: 15 years

Height: 16 h


BREED:  American Mustang

Age: 4 years

Height: 14 2 h
Sundance is a 5 yo red roan gelding.  He was rescued at 9 mos. of age by Epona's Path and has no issues.  He is intelligent, eager to learn, and high-spirited.  He has been trained for walk, trot, canter and jumping. He trail rides well,


Age: 15 years

Height: 12 h
Red (Blazing Bobby Socks) is a 20  yo Chestnut gelding.  He is a former winning racehorse.  Red is friendly, bomb-proof and gentle.  He is athletic and energetic and trail rides well. 

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BREED:Registered American Thoroughbred
Age: 13 years

Height: 16 3 h

Secretariat's great-grand daughter.

Former racehorse and brood mare,